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Crack Happiness and Freedom Code w/ THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY on HOW TO BE HAPPY Science+Spirit/Psychology+Spirit  CERTIFICATION LEVEL 1: 

Journey to the Self to Reclaim Your Happiness & Freedom to Live Your Best Life!

 with Global Teacher Dr. Wendy Treynor,

putting the Soul (“Psyche”) back in Psychology through the I CAN HEAL® Framework 




with Dr.  Wendy Treynor

THURSDAY, JAN 16th, 7:00 – 8:00 PM with Q & A + Book-Signing

Number 63

63 Bayswater, LONDON, UK


Ph.D. Psychologist Dr. Treynor is an expert on Social Influence & Happiness and Science & Spirit Pioneer, as well as Healer in Divine Service.

On special visit to London from California, she will distill 20+ years of her research and self-search into 1 hour of Enlightenment, Education, Inspiration, Enchantment, Entertainment, and Elevation so you can live your best life! She will share with you A Treasure Map to Happiness (Hint: You are The Treasure!) and How to Navigate yourself Back to Happiness! She will also distinguish between:

1) the socially created self-image vs. true self (or soul)

2) the root vs. exit route of our suffering– how we were led astray, away from ourselves by the tribe (or social group with which we identify), with conditional love instead of unconditional acceptance

3) how to set ourselves free, so we trade  self-acceptance for social approval and soar high above the ocean of emotion, feeling the love and joy we are.

Bonuses include discovering:

– a social-influence explanation of depression and depression’s self-love solution

-the identity shift explanation of why people become sheeple (betray their hearts or conscience to go along with the group)

-the vast difference between tribal psychology and Ultimate Reality (which translates into the difference between fear vs. love, conflict vs. peace, oppression vs. freedom, unhappiness vs. bliss)



“Wendy Treynor’s research has revealed powerful insights about human psychology…”
– Adam Grant, NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author of “Give & Take”


“The I CAN HEAL® Retreat I attended this weekend is worth more money than anyone could pay. It is a treasure beyond measure, worth millions of dollars to the seeker of Truth.…The experience has been a salving balm to my lifelong emotional wounds….Now I see the logic of what I know to be Truth….Thank you for the treasures you unearthed, for the light you reveal.”

-Trisha Brick, MSW from USC, Credentialed Teacher, Cognitive Transactional Analyst


“I enjoyed the whole session and I am quite amazed with the framework you used to structure your findings, experience, and wisdom. Most importantly, the non-stop joy and happiness you pour to everyone from the bottom of your heart is the essence that allows people to open, and transform. That’s your treasure. The treasure that helps others to find theirs.”

– Dio Chiu, Chief Operation Officer, TEDx Taipei


“You have truly inspired me. Your love, joy and kindness. They are like divine energy showered on us. Please do continue with your work and spreading your message for it is a gift from God. The framework, the step-by-step knowledge and wisdom is going to be such a uplifting to human being. And I pray to God that wherever you go, you will shine like a thousand stars and your essence of being, your divinity, will heal and help those people in need.”

– Prem Yang, Taiwan


“I really like this framework which helps us to understand the root cause of why we are not happy even when we have a lot already. It’s great to know a solution exists that could lead us to a happier and more fulfilling life.”

– Jacob Chi, Taiwan


Dr. Wendy offers awesome insights into provocative material, blending science and spirituality–leaving you inspired and with much to think on.”
-Dr. Jonathan Ellerby, Former Spiritual Program Director for the World-Class Canyon Ranch Resorts


“Wendy’s energy, enthusiasm, knowledge are beautifully woven into a captivating, inspired ‘tapestry’–stunning, dazzling color, intricate & warm. Bravo…!”
-Erica Miguel


“Wendy is a bright light with a beautiful mission, energy, & presence.”
– Ruby Love


“Wonderful, uplifting, another piece of the puzzle–a great part of my journey.”
– Sarah, Wisdom Keeper

All Proceeds will be Donated to Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) Limited


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