Original I CAN HEAL® Art Piece for Sale on Canvas 12″ x 16″:

“I Am Just a Burning Flame that Won’t Go Out” by I CAN HEAL® Artist Wendy Treynor

CLICK HERE FOR PDF: I CAN HEAL Art Image by Wendy Treynor (c) 2019

Dr. Wendy’s conviction:  You can screenshot this painting now for your home viewing enjoyment and get the same benefit as owning the original painting!
Dr. Wendy Treynor is also happy to create I CAN HEAL®  Art for you on a commission basis to support you on your healing journey back to wholeness, happiness, and health. Each inspirational, original I CAN HEAL®  Art piece is created with the purpose of inspiring you to remember the truth of who you are and all that is, so that you can live your highest heart’s calling each day! Put your personal I CAN HEAL®  Art piece somewhere you can see it each day as a visual meditation and affirmation to inspire, uplift, and enchant you!  Inquiries? Visit  the I CAN HEAL®  Consulting page today to book your One-on-One Appointment with Wendy to discuss the possibilities and make your I CAN HEAL® Art dreams come true!