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This song came out of the realization that the only moment is now. Therefore, anyone who tells us we must wait for the future for happiness, peace, or freedom, isn’t telling us the truth, because the future doesn’t exist, only the present moment does.

So, I sing “You can’t buy freedom through servitude,” because many of us are working so hard to become free–once upon a time I was–but you must be free now, if you are to be free later, because there is no future, there is only now (and meditation, allowing us to achieve self-mastery over our emotions, is the key to freedom).

Rather than working ourselves to death, balance is in order.  See what you think…

Tell me why you believe happiness cannot be bought and how you found or are finding freedom, happiness, and peace–and if you aren’t, describe what your challenges might be– by adding your comments below.

Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom, as your thoughtful reflections on your experience can help others find the love, joy, and peace they seek! 🙂  We look forward to posting your comments right here within 24-72 hours!




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