I CAN HEAL® Academy



Ever wanted to become a Certified I CAN HEAL® Trainer where you give your own I CAN HEAL® Retreats? Now you can!

At I CAN HEAL® Academy, you become a certified I CAN HEAL® Trainer where you empower yourself to empower others with an exciting synthesis of cutting-edge scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom, weaving a unique synthesis of Science and Spirit, that not only enchants and entertains but also, empowers, inspires, and enlightens others to their True Self, allowing them to heal themselves emotionally, setting them Free to feel the Love and Joy they are– and Live the Life of their Dreams! 

The best news of all is that no matter where you are on the planet, you can become an I CAN HEAL® Trainer, trained by Dr. Wendy Treynor, because I CAN HEAL® Academy members meets once a month, for 8 months,  for 90 minutes each personally with her, plus join her for a monthly group coaching call, involving a Q & A format, once a month, each month, over the 8 months, for a total 36-hours training in the I CAN HEAL®Academy for complete I CAN HEAL® certification through zoom. Plus, you can get life-time, exclusive membership access to recordings of your 8 training courses, and a new group of true life-long friends, who share your aspirations, dreams, and values, as a bonus.

Why not invest in yourself and make your dreams come true by making others’ dreams come true, too?

The Academy runs 4 times a year, in each season, starting on the first Tuesday of the month in either Jan, Mar, June, or Sept at 1pm LA/ 9 pm UK time for June, 10 am LA/ 6 pm UK for Sept, 8 am LA/ 4 pm UK for Jan, 6 am LA/ 2 pm UK for Mar.  The time for the recorded group coaching calls varies each month to accommodate the schedules of people living in different time zones.




Module 1: Why You Can Feel Like a Captive on a Ship, Run by a Crew of Pirates

Understanding the Socialization Process

  • Heal wounds from your past to feel happier, lighter, now, & in the future
  • Find forgiveness—forgive others; forgive yourself—so you can be at peace
  • Acquire self-insight by discovering a root cause of inner & outer conflict

Module 2: How You Can Declare Mutiny & Become Your Own Skipper

Understanding the De-Socialization Process

  • Learn how to cure socially-induced depression, & release shame & guilt, so you can feel happy again
  • Discover how to preserve your joy by “unplugging” yourself emotionally from the group
  • Find the freedom to be the person you were born be

Module 3: Find True North by Recalibrating Your Compass: Part I

Examining the Voices of Influence in Your Life: Distinguishing the False from the True

  • Release long-held emotional wounds to feel more buoyant & alive, now, & in the future
  • Gain transformative self-insight, so you can empower yourself to feel your freedom
  • Eliminate false beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals

Module 4: Find True North by Recalibrating Your Compass: Part II

Excavating True-Self from the Rubble of Rabble: From Lost to Found!

  • Be able to answer the question: “Who am I?” giving you confidence in your life purpose
  • Come to know yourself As You Truly Are, which is awe-inspiring & liberating
  • Find the courage to accept the person you really are, bringing you unfathomable joy

Module 5: Your Life Jacket for Navigating the Ocean of Emotion

3 Ways to Rid Yourself of Negative Emotion

  • Stop riding the waves of emotion in your life, & learn how to soar above them
  • Feel self-acceptance & self-compassion, so you can experience yourself as a miracle
  • Be inspired to practice of self-care, so you can discover and wholly accept the person you truly are, allowing yourself to actualize your true potential

Module 6: The Winds in Your Sails: How to Harness the Winds so They Blow in Your Favor

Harnessing the Winds of Time to Achieve Your Goals & Dreams

  • Remember your dream or the childhood dreams that you had for yourself
  • Design an easy action plan to achieve your life-long dream, confidently
  • Create a life of meaning & purpose, so you can feel fulfilled & happy

Module 7: How to Steer a Clear Course in the Storms of Life

Understand How Love Works & Use Love to Make Miracles Happen in Your Life Right Now

  • Overcome sorrow, disappointment, or heartbreak
  • Discover how to feel love when there seems to be none—in this moment & every moment
  • Find the courage to love unconditionally

Module 8: Arrive at Your Destination & Find Buried Treasure

A Treasure Map to Happiness: You are the Treasure You Have Been Searching For

  • Feel inspired to become the skipper of your own life, so you can create a life worth living
  • Recalibrate your compass by connecting with your heart & allowing yourself to follow it
  • Come home to your final destination, True North, and unearth the Treasure that you are!

Monthly Coaching Calls serve as Q & A and Module 9 prep: Friendship Circle Closing: Now that You have Found Your Treasure, Share It!  

  • Make meaningful connections with other extraordinary individuals
  • Stay in touch with new-found accountability partners to help you stay on track with your new intentions, dreams, goals, aspirations
  • Create fun and friendship, play games with prizes, dance like no one’s watching, and celebrate love, life, yourself, and the possibilities, having unearthed the Treasure that you are!

INVESTMENT: $99 USD /  80 GBP a month for 8 months or $625 USD / 500 GBP if you pay up front.


Questions? Email Info@ICanHeal.com or call

LA: 1-310-YES-LOVE  / UK: 44 (0) 20 8133 7887